Legion Energy Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in manufacture of PCBs, ranging from simple PTH to complex Multilayer, Metal Cladded PCB technologies. We normally manufacture PCBs directly from customers' designs (CAD data). We can also arrange for assembly of the PCBs if necessary. Our objective is to offer a choice to the customer and alleviate any constraints by offering engineering solutions.

We can offer solutions in following PCB technologies,


Our Quality Goal for every team member is to demonstrate excellence in a quality performance.
Each PCB passes through numerous quality checks.
On-line quality controls are operative at each process stage and final inspection ensures meeting every aspect of Customer Satisfaction.
Our Quality System meets the World Standards of QS 9000/TS 16949, ISO 9001:2008, IEC, UL and IPC.

The major In-Process Quality Assurance Instruments are:

Surface Copper thickness comparator Elcometer 152
Spindle Run-out measurement OPTECH - RI
PTH & Surface copper thickness measurment CMI- MR4000
Portable PTH Copper Tester CMI - PTX
UV Integrating Radiometer CMI- MR4000
V-Scoring Depth Guage USSR
Micro-section tester with 5-100X magnification NIKON
Film Inspection Machine CECO-CYCLOPS III
Quick Check Hole Guage DATCON
V-Scoring Depth Guage USSR
Copper Testing Meter HANNA-HI 93702
Analytical Balance, Accuracy 0.01 mg DDhona- 100 DS